Get the object name from the fully qualified name

Howdy Everyone.

I have seen an interesting built in function of SQL Server today, It is PARSENAME.

The PARSENAME function will return the object/schema/database/server name from the given string.

For more information you can check MSDN article below


How to find the last day of the month

Howdy Everyone.

Most of the times I see, people getting up with new ideas to get the last day of the month…

But the simplest method we can use in SQL Server is by adding 1 to month and subtracting the number of days in the date, confusing….

Well let me explain with an example

Let us take the date 20-AUG-2011. Now if we add 1 to the month by using DATEADD function.. the result will be 20-SEP-2011. Now the day part of the resultant date is 20 and if we subtract the 20 from the resultant by using dateadd the result will be 30-AUG-2011.

The code is given below

DECLARE @input_date datetime
set @input_date = getdate() -- for testing purposes
select dateadd(dd,datepart(dd,@input_date)*-1,dateadd(mm,1,@input_date))